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Dr. Pedro A. Serrano-Ojeda, M.D.-D.A.B.R, an oncologist certified in Radiation Oncology founded Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center in 2007 in Puerto Rico. He expanded the company a few years later by opening his first facility outside of the island in Doral, Florida in mid July of 2015. This facility will be the first in Florida to feature the TomoTherapy HDA unit – the latest TomoTherapy Hi-Art Treatment System and the most integrated and advanced system for comprehensive cancer treatment that is available today.

Dr. Serrano-Ojeda received his medical degree from the Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences. During his residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin, he studied under the guidance of prominent medical professionals such as Dr. Frank Wilson, the protégé of the legendary radiation oncologist Dr. Juan Del Regato. Dr. Serrano-Ojeda was then motivated to establish a cancer treatment facility of his own where he could provide patients the most advanced technology available while also showing compassion and respect for patients’ medical needs and concerns.

In 2009, Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center’s quality control data of the facility’s first 264 patients, which was the largest study at the time, was published in the Medical Physics Journal.

In 2011, an American Association for Physics in Medicine publication named Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center as part of the guidelines for quality assurance for TomoTherapy technology, setting a new standard for care. The quality control data published has remained unchanged even after reevaluating the clinic’s first 900 cases.

Dr. Serrano-Ojeda has spoken at conferences throughout the U.S. and Latin America on behalf of TomoTherapy and Accuray, the manufacturer of the TomoTherapy technology, to offer insight on his experience with the machines and to teach techniques. The Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center in Puerto Rico has also been visited by physicians and groups from Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. Dr. Serrano-Ojeda is deeply committed to learning, to his patients and to his family. He lives in Coral Gables, Florida with his wife and two daughters.

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